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A&Z Technologies is a private company located in Cluj-Napoca - Romania, focused on designing and providing customised IT&C Solution to its customers.

We enable companies to focus on their business and to lower costs by providing high quality services. We offer customised solutions for our client's computing infrastructure, from front-line applications, security solutions and web servers to back end networks and servers. We do not only sell products, we add value to our services, and therefore our clients benefit from our knowledge.

Our team consists of IT&C professionals with more then 10 years of experience in IT&C field.


   A&Z Technologies offers you the chance to focus on your business core.

   You have to deal daily with a lot of problems in order to ensure that your business
   succeeds: new projects arise that involve IT&C changes, business priorities change
   continuously, the resources are limited.

   We lift of your shoulders IT&C challenges. 

   Follow our advise - focus on your business and let us solve your IT&C problems
   That's why our creed is: "FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS!"

   A&Z Technologies strives to provide the best solution to your IT problems.

   A&Z Technologies adds value to its services by designing and implementing
   intelligent solution adjusted to the needs of your company. 

   Our goal is meeting your standards and your satisfaction.
   Let us handle your IT&C problems and you will get the best solution possible. 

Need more information? Please write at: contact [at] azt [dot] ro

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If you think experts are expensive, wait until you see what amateurs cost you!

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